Chiropractic Advertising

Top Ad Strategies For Chiropractors

Would you like super compelling chiropractic ads that grab attention and pull in new patients?

Facebook Advertising - Chiropractic

Facebook Advertising for Chiropractors

First lets debunk the myths behind chiropractic marketing and advertising on Facebook.  Occasionally you’ll hear a chiropractor or even chiropractic marketing company say Facebook isn’t a viable marketing platform.  They couldn’t be more WRONG!  Facebook is by far the quickest way to build a large audience within your local community, engage with them and keep your practice in-front of them on a daily basis.  You can do this for a fraction of what it cost to advertise on Google and other platforms.  Our pro chiropractic marketing websites help do this for you.

Google Adwords for Chiropractic Advertising

Google Advertising for Chiropractors

Results are not in yet from LinkedIn Ads. For branding purposes it could help keep your practice name in-front of your target demographic, but certainly not something we recommend leading with. In our chiropractic marketing plan we show you the 21 categories / strategies to use for connecting with new referral sources in your area. LinkedIn advertising could help you stay in-front of these people.

Chiropractic Advertising on YouTube

YouTube Advertising for Chiropractors

If you have a good (attention grabbing, short & compelling) video, YouTube ads (controlled through Google Adwords) are another great way to keep your practice showing up within your area.  Think of it like when you go to the movie theatre and you see the pre-movie advertisements (yet another option)… Your YouTube video ad (called Instream Ads) will play before people watch their YouTube video.  These ads are an inexpensive way to keep your practice in-front of your local community.

LinkedIn Advertising for Chiropractors

LinkedIn Advertising for Chiropractors

In our chiropractic marketing ideas page, we mention working with Personal Injury Firms. We’ve identified certain ads that can help you build your connections with other business professionals who frequently run across people that could benefit from your chiropractic services.

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