Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

Popular Tips, and Ideas On How To Get New Patients For Chiropractic.

Top 20 Most Popular Ideas For Chiropractic Marketing

Each of these marketing ideas for chiropractors is expanded upon below.  If you require more tailored and specific ideas for your practice, simply send us a note at the bottom of this page.  We’re happy to take a look at your practice, online presence and make suggestions.  This is a free service provided by Social Chiropractor.

  • Social Media
  • Personal Injury Firms
  • Website Lead Funnel
  • Leading with Massage
  • Quiz Marketing
  • Existing Patients
  • Athletic Physicals
  • Going Above & Beyond
  • Referral Programs
  • Email Marketing
  • Useful/Branded Giveaways
  • PPC “Pay Per Click Ads”
  • Gym & Athletic Clubs
  • Nutrition and Weight-Loss
  • Billboards
  • Television Ads
  • Office Esthetics
  • Radio Advertising
  • Martial Art Dojos
  • Cycling Groups

What Types of Chiropractic Marketing Should You Choose?

In office, conventional and online chiropractic marketing strategies will be discussed here. Regardless of which options you select, it’s always best to start small, focus on lead generation and conversion, then slowly scale your campaigns larger.  This will help maximize your return on investment. Let’s take a look at what other successful Chiropractors are doing today.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

Perhaps the single most valuable and underused marketing tool for Chiropractors, is Social Media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. all present their own unique opportunities for chiropractic lead generation. The key to successful social media marketing for your practice is connecting with THE RIGHT PEOPLE who either need your services or are positioned to refer more patients. As you grow your social audience it’s vital you also provide frequent updates (social posts) that people will find useful, informative and or engaging. Next, it’s important that these social posts send people back to your website and crucial that your website is designed to generate leads for your practice. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s free to ask questions via our live chat. It’s undeniable that over 95% of your patients use some form of social media.

Personal Injury Firms

Partner with Personal Injury Attorneys on Accidents

Developing a good working relationship with respectable personal injury attorneys is important. Chiropractic marketing to attorneys can literally change your business overnight. The key is selecting the right personal injury firm to work with, which can be difficult. Chances are you’ve taken PI cases, worked on liens and had a less than stellar experience working with your local personal injury attorneys. If you want excellent communication, and a law firm that not only fights for your patient, but strives to insure your bills paid in full then enter your information here and we will send over who we recommend that services your area.
Get Started with Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing

Personal Injury Attorneys-pf

Effective Website Use

Chiropractic Website Marketing

Do you have a nice Chiropractic Website? If yes, does it use “micro engagements”? We’re guessing it doesn’t, as we’re the pioneers of micro engagement integration into chiropractor websites. A micro engagement is a tiny action a website user must do to proceed. Micro engagements have proven to increase the time people spend on your website and reduce your bounce rate (bounce rate is when people come to your site and leave right away – this is not good for SEO “search engine optimization”).

Websites now MUST be 100% mobile responsive, meaning look good on all the popular smart phones, tablets, laptops and full screen desktops. It’s important all online visitors have a great visual experience when on your website, we make sure that happens. Another important factor is website speed. We operate a high speed chiropractic network that run significantly faster than the average chiro website.

Massage Extension

Chiropractic Massage Marketing

Massage is a complimentary service to chiropractic, consider finding a reputable and personable massage therapist who gives a good chair massage. If you hire a massage therapist, you can deploy them to special events and even establish a rotation at local business centers in your area. This is a great way to reach into your local community with a low cost, service that everyone loves. Print up specials for free exams, consultations and have your massage therapist hand them out to every customer. These flyers can also be distributed to the break rooms within the local businesses you frequent.  Consider acquiring a water massage table for your practice. Go business to business and offer a complimentary stress reduction consultation, posture exam and 15-minute massage on the water table. Have local businesses share your free 15-minute stress reduction massage with their employees.

Quiz Marketing

Chiropractic Quiz Marketing

One of the best ways to get your practice going viral within your community, is the proper promotion of fun quizzes, polls and surveys.  This is also an excellent way to build a social media following.  We’ve generated thousands of followers for chiropractors using our own quiz marketing methods. We’ve test just about every type of quiz service, software and plugin available and found the best option to be Lead Quizzes.

Existing Patients

Existing Chiropractic Patients

Your leading advocates can be your existing patients. In addition to quality chiropractic care, be sure to provide superior customer service. Follow up with patients via email, text, phone, social media (which ever methods work best for your patients). A simple and genuine follow up asking how they’re feeling, re-enforcing what they can do to help their condition, let’s them know you care and make you more memorable. When you show clients you truly care, you become someone they trust and will recommend. Word of mouth marketing can work wonders for your practice. Happy patients are likely to share their experience, talk with friends, family and co-workers about how you helped. Your goal should be getting patients to both refer other people and post good online reviews and ratings for your practice.

Athletic Physicals

Athletic Physicals by Chiropractors

We know of Chiropractors that work with local schools and team sport organizations to provide discounted physicals for athletes. This is a great way to gain new and repeat business every year as many sports require a physical in order for athletes to participate.

Go Above & Beyond

Go Above and Beyond

Make follow up conversation notes to discuss with your patients.
Birthdays & Special Occasions – Send birthday cards and or emails with best wishes. Be creative, perhaps send a funny JibJab from your office. Also, you don’t need a reason to simply provide a “checking in call or email”. Let patients know you care by following up with questions asking how they are doing, if they are having any aches, pains or physical issues. Become memorable by showing you care and remember them. Hobbies – Find out what your patients love. During each visit ask how they are doing with their favorite hobby, sport, etc. Patients will feel more connected with you and appreciate that you remembered something important in their life.

Referral Programs

Setup Referral Programs For Your Practice

Create a friends and family referral program. Print up some simple cards that your existing patients can provide to their friends, family, co-workers, etc. Let your patients know this is a special discount program that only patients can give out. It’s important they understand the value of what they can provide to others. Post a flyer in your adjusting room that says “Ask about our friends and family program” Become the hero who helps other alleviate their body pains.

Email Marketing

Chiropractic Email Marketing Campaigns

For years, email marketing worked extremely well for many industries, including chiropractic. However, times are changing. It’s important you have a solid strategy for your email campaigns or risk ending up in your prospect and patients junk/spam box. Let patients know you “occasionally” send out special offers but primarily use email for direct communication with your clients.

Useful Giveaways

Chiropractic Giveaway Ideas

Make sure to stay inline with your State’s regulations, but should be safe to giveaway low cost items like branded stress balls, personalized hot and cold packs, power bank charger, cooling towel, lib balm, yoga mat case, fitness pedometer, compact mirrors, nail files, you get the picture, items that people will either use frequently or for personal care. Keep your business name in front of them.

PPC – Pay Per Click

PPC Pay Per Click for Chiropractors

Leading the world of online search is Google. Google’s Adwords platform allows you to place text ads at the top of Google search results so people looking for chiropractor services can quickly find you. We have compiled a list of the top performing chiropractic Google ads across the country and your State. We use our extensive research to create patient grabbing Google Ad campaigns for Chiropractors. Contact Us if you need assistance setting up your Google Ads.

Gym & Athletic Clubs

Partner with Gyms and Athletic Clubs

Connect with local Gym owners or managers and offer a reciprocal new member discount. This creates opportunity to extend your community reach, stay in front of locals and possibly pull in new clients. Provide the gym with free consultation cards with evaluation discount for a first visit. Let the gym know you’re willing provide the same to your new clients for those looking place to get fit.

Nutrition & Weight-loss

Lead with Nutrition and Weight Control

There is never a shortage of locals wanting to lose weight and eat healthier. Chiropractors are in a unique position to offer support in these areas. This provides a wider area of marketing and advertising campaigns you can run to gain more online visitors.


Chiropractic billboard ads

Like television, this is an old school type of advertising that’s difficult to measure results and can be very costly. In our area for example, a freeway side billboard runs $3,500 per month. Think about it, you have about 1 second for a person driving by to see, read and absorb your message. Do you really think their going to remember your marketing message by the type they finish driving in traffic and reach their destination? It’s not like they can whip out their phone and save your number or visit your website while driving. For Chiropractors with monthly budgets in this range we have far more effective advertising plans that not only reach thousands in your local community, but engage them creating interaction with your practice.

Television Ads

Chiropractic Television Ads

With far less expensive alternatives, TV advertising may not be the best fit. We have relationships with experts in the TV broadcasting industry and can get you setup with with pros if that’s the direction you would like to go, but highly suggestion you consider far less expensive alternatives that yield significantly better ROI. An acquaintance of our manages daytime commercial campaigns across the major networks, but prices start at $10k per month. With this type of budget, you could completely dominate your competitors online.

Office Esthetics

Chiropractic Office Esthetics

What type of first impression are you and your office projecting? What does your office look like? How are you and your staff dressed? First impressions are crucial. When a prospective patient walks in your office what do they see? Is your practice clean, organized, have a cheery atmosphere and project a positive vibe? You want to give patients the warm and fuzzy feeling the second they walk into your practice. Simple color and lighting adjustments along with a well organized office can make a big difference. We’ve been in some stunning chiropractic practices that didn’t have to break the bank to create a beautiful atmosphere. On the high end, here are some stunning examples of chiropractic office layouts and design:

While it’s nice to think patients will return based off your ability to help them feel better, unfortunately many people will judge a book by it’s cover. You may not have the budget to build out beautifully designed practice, but that doesn’t mean you cannot create a clean, comfortable, inviting environment that helps both generate new patients and keep them returning.

Radio Advertising

Radio Ads for Chiropractic

We enjoy the radio station just as much as everyone else, but how many people actually pay attention to the commercials? Let’s say someone listening is paying attention, what if they’re driving during your commercial? How many of them will pull over to write down your phone number or website AND actually remember to call or look you up later. Radio ads for Chiropractors are very difficult to measure. Like television, radio requires a decent size advertising budget and measuring the ROI can be difficult.

Martial Arts Dojos

Chiropractic Opportunities with Martial Artists

Most cities and towns have multiple martial art related training facilities aka Dojos.  From traditional karate, jiujitsu, judo, taekwondo to mma you’ll find the athletes in these facilities are frequently pushing their bodies to the max and could greatly benefit from the chiropractic services you provide.  Drop off some flyers and business cards at these locations.  Consider offering a discount to their students or free introductory assessment and or free massage on their first visit to your practice.

Cycling Groups

Chiropractors - partner with cycling groups

Cyclist spend a lot of time peddling in a position that can lead to spine issues. This is another group of active people who can benefit from chiropractic services. We suggest networking with local cycling clubs and groups. Using our social media strategy for chiropractors (included with our pro website package) makes finding and getting your practice in-front of these groups simple.

Our concluding opinion on Chiropractic Marketing; having supported numerous local businesses, we’ve had the opportunity to first hand witness what works for both Chiropractors and related business types. The fact is, keeping your practice in front of your local community is key to your success. With that said, the best question to ask is, what are the most cost effect strategies for insuring your practice is frequently seen by locals? Knowing that almost every single patient you’ve had or will acquire spends time online, should help answer this question.

Would You Like More Ideas and Strategies in a Custom Marketing Plan For Your Practice?

The marketing team at Social Chiropractor offers a very strategic, custom marketing plan that is tailored to your practice and local area.  Want the perfect marketing plan and strategies based on your practice location and objectives?