Chiropractic Marketing Plan

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Chiropractic Marketing Plan

Within close proximity to your location are dozens of opportunities to quickly and easily promote your practice, without spending a penny on advertising.  We’ve identified the top 21 ways to grow your practice and you can get started today. Below are 3 more well known strategies of the 21 methods we share. Any one of the 21 strategies we provide can provide significant growth for your practice. Imagine what would happen if you used all 21 strategies!


Learn how to get local personal injury attorneys referring their clients to you. We provide all the contact information, templates for connecting and simple instructions to get this strategy quickly working in your area.

Gaining referrals from local Medical Doctors simplified. Many MD’s today are now “chiropractic friendly” and understand its value. We provide contact details and message templates to help you establish relationships & get referrals from these Doctors.

Get more patients when you learn how to connect with local GYMs and Fitness Centers. Again, we provide the contact details and step by step how to connect and start gaining referrals from this excellent patient source.

This Plan Shows You How To Fast Track Your Practice Growth Using 3 Popular & 18 Little Known Ways To Gain More Patients.

What’s Included?

First, our marketing team goes to work for you. We thoroughly research your area, then include the following in your custom plan:

  • Your Plan and Strategies downloadable in spreadsheet and PDF formats, print or use on any device.
  • Complete list of top 21 referral sources for chiropractors.
  • Contact details for referral sources in your area. Make connections in all top 21 referral categories .
  • Pre-written templates you can use for connecting with these connections, proven to get response.
  • Use this simple plan in 15 minutes per day or less to dramatically grow your practice without having to spend a penny on advertising.


**BONUS 1** Right now we’re including 180 eye grabbing chiropractic quote images you can download and use on your Social Media profiles (optimized for blog sharing and Facebook). This is great when you need content to post to your social media profiles.

**BONUS 2** We are currently accepting chiropractors into our nationwide patient referral network. Throughout 2018 we will be running a variety of ads to pull in new chiropractic patient leads. These leads will be sent directly to chiropractors who have purchased this plan and chiropractors who use our website services.

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