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Would you rather view our proven chiropractic marketing plan with strategies or our automated website to social media marketing system?

Introducing “PAF” Patient Acquisition Funnel

HOW TO GET MORE PATIENTS SIMPLIFIED: It’s crucial that your practice has a plan & strategies to attract your local community and an engaging web presence that converts those visitors into new patients.  Having a chiropractic website that is designed to convert (encourage your website visitors to connect with you and request your services) is vital to your digital marketing success.  This is what the “Patient Acquisition Funnel” does for you in 3 simple steps.


It’s imperative you “get noticed” and draw attention to your practice.  There are a few methods we share that work better than everything else. The 1st uses an automated chiropractic website to publish engaging social media content to your local community every day. The 2nd is a very custom and strategic marketing plan that immediately identifies the key people in your area that can send you referrals . The 3rd are compelling and laser targeted local advertising campaigns.  By themselves, each of these works well, add 2 or 3 together, and you’ll quickly become the most popular chiropractor in your area.


After connecting with your local community, it’s important you stay in-front of them.  Again, there are a couple methods we share.  1st is the automated website with automatic social media updates and the second is a manual process that only takes a couple minutes each day.  To become the most well known chiropractor in your area, you must have a strategy or process in place that continues to provide informative, entertaining, or newsworthy updates to your community.  We’ve simplified this process.


We work with your practice to create an irresistible offer that helps convert website visitors into new patients.  Simple competitive analysis has unveiled a few tactics that work like a charm.  The 2 ways we can help you with this:

1st – if you become a chiropractic website customer, we automatically reach out to you to discuss and craft your new patient special.

2nd – if you get our custom chiropractic marketing plan and strategies, we automatically list top ideas for your new patient special inside your plan.

chiropractic marketing questionWould you like a stunning chiropractic website with integrated social media automation system that helps generate more patients for your practice?